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Making Our Votes Count on June 7th (Apr./May 2018)
June 7th is just about here, folks. Who will you vote for in your riding? For some, it is a slam dunk – Doug Ford – ‘we have to get ...
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It’s all about Principles (Feb./March 2018)
Landowner Magazine February March 2018 Edition
Today is St. Patricks Day as I pen this page and I think of my ancestors who came to this country from the Emerald Isle, to escape the potato famine. ...
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The Race to the Bottom (Dec./Jan. 2018)
Here we are in a brand new year, 2018 with a brand new pay structure imposed on private businesses by a government in Ontario that has no sense of responsibility ...
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Where is the Justice? (October/November 2017)
The level of government that affects people’s lives the most on a day to day basis is often our local municipal government. There are many reasons for this of course. ...
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Politicians do not take an oath to a political party (Oct/Nov 2014)

The landowners have taken our constitution (British North America Act of 1867) that included the rights laid down in the Magna Carta and through much research, we have concluded that the folks who write our laws do a very good job of respecting the old contracts (the ...