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Let’s Protect the Vulnerable and Defenseless (Apr./May 2017)
As members of the Ontario Landowners, we most often, are referred to by people who don’t know us personally, as “those property rights lobbyists”. The fact is we are property ...
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Let’s Not Pass On This Green Energy Mess (Feb./Mar. 2017)
I know the subject of Hydro prices has been front and centre now for the last few years as the costs of the Green Energy Act start to show up ...
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Carbon Tax Protest Ottawa January 30/2017
Stop the carbon tax – protest in Ottawa. If you’re in Ontario, sign our petition at If you’re some where else in Canada, you can sign this petition:
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Carbon Credits are the Talk of the Media (Dec./Jan. 2017)
Carbon credits are the talk of the media and at the coffee shops these days, with the pros and the cons tossed about at random. Mark Bonokoski wrote a piece ...
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Time to overhaul justice with a strong case (Feb/March 2015)

Justice! When we think of the word justice, most of us have visions of an all knowing magistrate sitting in the big chair wielding the big gavel and proclaiming a verdict that has been thrashed out in the court room by truly honourable lawyers on both ...

A refreshing new face enters the PC leadership race (Dec/Jan 2015)

The Progressive Conservative Party will be having an election to pick a new leader with voting on 2 days: May 3 and May 7, 2015. There are five candidates, Christine Elliott, Lisa MacLeod, Vic Fedeli, Monty McNaughton and Patrick Brown. The first four candidates are from ...

Politicians do not take an oath to a political party (Oct/Nov 2014)

The landowners have taken our constitution (British North America Act of 1867) that included the rights laid down in the Magna Carta and through much research, we have concluded that the folks who write our laws do a very good job of respecting the old contracts (the ...